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This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise or business opportunity. It is for information purposes only. If you are a resident of a U.S. state, or wish to Operator a franchise in a U.S. state  that regulates franchises,  we will not offer you a franchise until we have complied with any applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements regarding franchising in your jurisdiction. Opportunities to purchase your own Baja Bistro restaurant can only proceed in person to person meetings with employees of the company.

Baja Bistro Tex - Mex Grille * Licensee - Owner/Operator  P.O.Box 20608 Roanoke, Virginia 24018
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Baja Bistro Tex-Mex Grille is a quick service restaurant specializing in Fresh Mexican
and Southwestern food. We provide customers freshly prepared, customer customized,
made to order food product.  Food prepared fresh on site each day. Premium salsas,
fresh grilled chicken and meats, and product prepared for each customer right before their eyes.  We operate in food court, in line, and life style center locations.  We go boldly where few have gone before.  The Fresh Frontier!

The fresh mex segment of quick service food is the fastest growing food sales category in the United States.  Restaurant industry experts and consultants are predicting the burrito will be the hamburger of the future, and that salsa is the ketchup of the new generation. People are also eating healthier than ever.  Our fresh mex and southwest menu items and products are prepared fresh on site each day.  We use the highest quality fresh lean chicken and beef products. We use only the healthiest oils in our recipes and cooking systems.  NO TRANS FATS.  Our top selling products are made with chicken, beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheeses, and are wrapped in a tortilla shell or taco shell. Fresh healthy meats, beans, rice grain, fresh produce and a low carb wrapping. It's just hard to beat that for today's wave of healthier eating consumers. No more fast food.  It's healthy "Quick Cuisine" fresh mex style!

Our company is made up of industry professionals that have been in the food industry for more than thirty years per person.  Collectively our management team leaders have over 145 years of restaurant and quick service experience.  We have put our restaurant and business systems together based on that history of experience.

Our mission is to provide high quality fresh great tasting food, excellent quick service, and great value, all in a fun. friendly, and comfortable atmosphere.

We know Baja Bistro Tex-Mex Grille will be an enjoyable meal experience for you. And on top of that: We Guarantee It! So catch the wave, the Baja Bistro Tex-Mex Wave!
Go Baja!